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Last Updated   June 3, 2021

The Ripcord Report
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#126 Ripcord Report
May 2021

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Future Reunions


Springfield, MO
Start  Wednesday Oct 6, 2021
and end with banquet on
Saturday Oct 9, 2021 and 
leave Sunday Oct 10, 2021

Reunion Application 2021

List of Attendees Registered
updated 7/4/21

2021 Ripcord Reunion Update

2021 Reunion Registered Attendeess

October 6 is quickly approaching. We still plan to hold our reunion this year. Hopefully, group restrictions will be lifted by the time we arrive. As a member of the Ripcord Association, we should all get the vaccine shot before attending. This will protect your health as well as that of your fellow members. There are some members who, because of other afflictions, will not be able to get shots. If the rest of us get vaccinated, we will help protect the health of the other members as well as our selves. As we did in Vietnam, we did not fight for Vietnam or the USA as much as we fought for the lives of our buddies. We should all do it once more. Get your shots!
Those of you who have hesitated in getting a room for the reunion will have to find accommodations outside the University Plaza Hotel. The TRU Hotel is 4 blocks away and costs about $110 per night. The Best Western Rt. 66 Rail Haven is about 6 blocks away and costs $80 per night. The “Q” is not presently available. Down town is the Vandivort at $170 plus. All others are a vehicle drive away, but there are plenty of options.
Unless COVID makes a resounding come back this summer, we plan to go ahead with our 50th Anniversary of the Battle of FSB Ripcord. There will not be a raffle this year, but there will be a commemorative service for those who passed during the battle. First timer coins will be presented and a yearbook will be prepared to cover the event. We hope all can find time to attend safely so get your shots.

Any questions contact me at, or call at 856-451-1108.
Take care and be safe!
Lee Widjeskog
A 2/506 1970


CALL 417-864-7333 for Univ. Plaza Hotel  GROUP CODE:  RIPCORD

If Plaza is full try nearby hotels

 TRU at 855-680-3239,  Vandivort at 417-832-1515 , Best Western Rt. 66 at 417-866-1963

The Firebase Ripcord Diorama
is now on video in a 6 part story
of the construction from start to finish.

The AMPS Central South Carolina Wildcats Chapter built a 1/72 scale(1 inch = 6 feet) model of FSB Ripcord.
See and read the detailed story on how they did it.

Go to the videos of the Diorama

Day by Day reporting of
The Battle of FSB Ripcord

Lee Widjeskog has written a day by day review of the events during The Battle of FSB Ripcord March 12 thru July 23,  1970
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Stories about Ripcord

Here are stories about events that happened during the Battle for Firebase Ripcord written by the soldiers that were there and also stories by their families or friends.
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