This website is intended to provide information about The Battle of Ripcord in Vietnam, March 12 – July 23, 1970. The soldiers who were involved in this battle, and about The Ripcord Association which was started in 1985. All information, comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please send them to:

2020 Ripcord Reunion Canceled

I am sorry to announce that we have had to cancel the2020 FSB Ripcord Association reunion in Springfield, MO.  With the pandemic, the uncertainty of the length of its impact and the fact that our members are all in the high risk category of contracting the disease, we have decided to try again in 2021.

We have the facility reserved for early October 2021 so it will be the 51st anniversary of the battle.  Other than the date, all else will be the same. Ripcord Reunion 2021 at  Springfield , MO,  Wed 7 Oct to Sat. 10 October.  With Sunday 11 October the get away day.

I recommend you cancel your present room reservations.

Your reunion sign-up fees will be carried over for you for 2021.  If you want a refund contact me.

The next newsletter will contain as much detail as we have available at that time.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you next year after this pandemic is over.
Any questions contact me at, or call at 856-451-1108.
Take care and be safe!
Lee Widjeskog
A 2/506 1970

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Ripcord Reunion 2021
at  Springfield , MO
Wed 6 Oct to Sat. 9 October.
With Sunday 10 October the get away day.

2020 Ripcord Reunion




Ripcord Reunion 2021
at  Springfield , MO
Wed 6 Oct to Sat. 9 October.
With Sunday 10 October the get away day.



Ripcord Reunion 2021
at  Springfield , MO
Wed 6 Oct to Sat. 9 October.
With Sunday 10 October the get away day.


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Hill 902 Charlie company 2/506
presentation by Ken Pitetti,
a frame by frame account  on what happened on Hill 902

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Fire Base Ripcord  after evacuation


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