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Ripcord Association Latest News and Updates

Updated  January 25, 2020

Currahee Memorial Brick Paver Project

Leave a remembrance that will last for all time!

Would like to be remembered for all time for your service in this legendary regiment, or as a friend or relative of the Currahees,               read more

2020 Ripcord Reunion

Springfield, MO

Mon July 20  thru Thurs  July 23

Leave Friday July 24

2020 Reunion application

List of Attendees Registered
updated January 4, 2020


Ripcord Association mailing updates

Our membership in the Ripcord Association has grown to over 600 members.
Most of our members are receiving our newsletter and important updates thru e-mail. 

Due to the large amount of e-mails that have to be sent, we are using an e-mail campaign program called “ZoHo Campaigns”
It is safe and secure messaging.

The last newsletter was sent with our return address as “registrations@ripcordassociation”.
Due to some confusion and testing, we will now be sending from “frankmarshall@ripcordassociation” thru the ZoHo campaign program.

 If you are on our Postal mail list, you will continue to receive the printed newsletter via postal mail. 

Thank you to all our members

The Ripcord Report
Ripcord Association Newsletter

Ripcord Report # 120
Dec 2019

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Free Membership, just fill out our application to become a member.

Updated  December 5, 2019

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Membership Roster 
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Just added to our Video History of Ripcord page
Hill 902 Charlie company 2/506
presentation by Ken Pitetti, a frame by frame account  on what happened on Hill 902

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The feature-length documentary entitled,
The Ghosts of Ripcord, is now available on DVD!

To make your purchase please visit the official Facebook page here:

For an exclusive glimpse at the film check out our latest trailer here:

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Brutal Battles of Vietnam: America’s Deadliest Days, 1965-1972   is available to order.