The Ripcord Association and newsletter were the brainchild of Chip Collins (B 2/506). After returning from Vietnam and re-starting his life in “TheWorld” Chip found a need to talk to others who served in the Ripcord AO in 1970.

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The newsletter serves as a way to get the most recent news and announcements about The Ripcord Association, its members, reunions and any projects we are involved in. Past newsletters can be found in the archive.

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Donations are very important! Donations pay for the printing and mailing of the newsletter and help with the cost of organizing the Reunions.

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Welcome to

The Ripcord Association website

For Survivors, Family and Friends of The Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord,
101st Airborne Division         Vietnam,   March 12 - July 23, 1970.

This website is intended to provide information about

The Battle of Ripcord in Vietnam,  March 12 - July 23, 1970

The soldiers who were involved in this battle, and about

The Ripcord Association which was started in 1985. 

All information, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Please send them to:  mail@ripcordassociation.com

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February 24, 2015


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 Thanks to the entire staff at Prospector's in Mt Laurel, NJ

for all their support to the Ripcord Veterans and their families.

Special thanks to: Rich Rachel (Manager) and

Cowboy Kenn (Mgr Club Entertainment).